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An easy to understand and Simple to follow, natural approach to weight loss and health improvement.

  • Learn about health promoting foods that will help you rid the belly fat and correct body weight.
  • Learn about wholesome healthy nutrition comprising of plant based natural & whole foods.
  • Learn about few commonly held myths that come in the way of enjoying good health.

Good nutrition comprising of plant based whole and unprocessed foods shall stay the nutritional bedrock for maintaining healthy body weight and obtaining & sustaining good health and essential vitality.

The subject of nutrition, i.e. healthy nutrition and nutrition for weight loss, has been presented in this book in a simple, de-complicated and free-of-medical-jargon way for easy comprehensibility and compliance on the part of wider public. It will give one an insight into the efficacy and outcome of a regimen of healthy nutrition and appropriate lifestyle that can help us correct our body weight and improve our general well-being.

The second part of the book will help anyone to easily start with the journey of losing weight, having being apprised of the process from part one of the book. Hence easy to prepare and simple to adapt recipes for healthy, low calorie, nutritious foods are presented in the second part of the book along with a sample menu plan for 10 days.

Many of the commonly held nutritional myths have been addressed and debunked so that we can correct our nutritional ways and adopt better practices towards attaining good health and longevity.

Absolutely no obligation to:
Counting of calories, controlling the portion sizes & suffering the hunger pangs.

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